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Collect Fly Buys every time you shop.

Whether you’re doing the weekly grocery shop, out for dinner or buying a new piece of furniture, you can earn Fly Buys points for purchasing anything - regardless of where you spend - just by using a Fly Buys Visa.

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Learn how to double dip with Fly Buys VISA

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* Please note, Reward images are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change and availability. Rewards information is correct as at 1 June 2012. Points calculation based on the relevant points calculation rate of 1 point per $50 spent on purchases using a Fly Buys Visa. Fly Buys points are not collected on cash advances (including certain bill payments) and balance transfers.

Double Dip with Fly Buys VISA

Get more rewards, more often

Double Dip - When you shop at Fly Buys Partners, such as Z, Mitre 10 and Noel Leeming, you can collect Fly Buys Points two ways on the same purchase - by swiping your Fly Buys card and by paying with your Fly Buys Visa - just make sure you use both cards.

More rewards, more often - With a Fly Buys Visa, you'll collect more points and get your dream reward sooner than using your Fly Buys card alone.

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Frequently asked questions


How can I get a Fly Buys Visa, BNZ Classic or BNZ Platinum card?

We are no longer issuing new Fly Buys Visa credit cards, however you can apply for a BNZ Classic or BNZ Platinum card. To learn more or apply for a BNZ credit card, please visit Existing Fly Buys Visa customers can continue to use their cards and contact BNZ for assistance.

What are the rates & fees on my Fly Buys Visa?

Name Fly Buys Visa
Collect 1 Fly Buys Point per spend of* $50
Account fee** charged half yearly $15
Purchase interest Rate 20.95%
Cash Advance Interest Rate 22.95%

* Fly Buys Visa and Fly Buys Membership terms and conditions apply. Collect 1 point per $50 spent within any statement period. Fly Buys collection rates are subject to change. Fly Buys Points will not be collected on cash advances (including certain bill payments) and balance transfers.

** Plus $4.95 charged half yearly for an additional card/joint account.

What are the Terms & Conditions on my Fly Buys Visa?

View our Terms & Conditions

What payment options are available to me?

24 Hour Telephone Banking and Internet Banking

Transfer payments directly to your credit card account from a BNZ account using BNZ 24 Hour Telephone or BNZ Internet Banking. To register call 0800 ASK BNZ (0800 275 269). If you are registered with these services at another bank, you can set up a bill payment to pay your credit card account.

Direct Debit

You can arrange a direct debit from your New Zealand bank account to pay either the current balance or current minimum payment each month. Simply complete a Direct Debit form. Or, call us on 0800 653 433, and we will send you a form to complete.

Automatic Payments

You can arrange an automatic payment through your bank, to pay a specified amount onto your card at regular intervals. If you are paying from a non-BNZ account, you will need to advise them of BNZ's suspense account number 02-0987-0001203-02 as well as your card number.

Pay in person or by mail

Your payment can be mailed to Fly Buys Visa along with the Payment Advice section of your statement. Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us. Alternatively, you can pay in person at any BNZ store.

Making payments from overseas

If you want to pay your account from overseas, you can visit a bank to request a Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft. These payments could take up to five business days and charges may apply. The information for telegraphic transfers you will need to provide your overseas bank is:

  • BNZ’s swift address: BKNZNZ22
  • Bank name and address: BNZ, Cards Division, Wellington
  • Branch Number: 021000
  • Your Credit Card Account Number

If you are a BNZ customer you may wish to use 24-Hour Telephone Banking by calling +64 4 924 24 24 (international tolls apply), or Internet Banking.

What do I do if my Fly Buys Visa is lost or stolen?

It’s vital to report any loss straight away. We’ll make every effort to get a replacement card to you as soon as possible*. If you’re travelling overseas, a replacement credit card can usually be couriered promptly to the VISA office nearest you.

It's a good idea to have these phone numbers handy when travelling and even load them into your mobile phone for instant access.

Your location Telephone number
New Zealand 0800 735 901
VISA International
+64 4 473 5901 or
+1 410 581 9994 collect
Or, contact any bank displaying the VISA trademark.
To call collect from overseas, telephone the local country operator from a landline. Ask to be connected with the BNZ collect call number above. The operator will then call BNZ who will accept the call charges and you will be connected through to the Call Centre.

* Card replacement fees apply

How does Fly Buys Visa differ from any other credit card?

There is no difference, Fly Buys Visa is exactly the same as any credit card. You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted and start collecting Fly Buys points for your purchases.

Balance Transfer questions

Which credit or store cards can I transfer?

You can transfer the balance from any of the following New Zealand issued non-BNZ cards:

  • GE CreditLine
  • Fisher & Paykel Finance issued Q Card and Farmers Card
  • Warehouse Financial Services credit and store cards
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

How long will the 4.99% p.a. balance transfer rate last?

Your super low balance transfer rate will last for a full 12 months from the date the balance is transferred. After that time, the rate will change to the prevailing purchase interest rate for Fly Buys Visa.

What about new transactions I make with my Fly Buys Visa card – what will the rate be?

The 4.99% p.a. balance transfer rate only applies to the original balance you transfer. Any purchases you make will be charged at the purchase interest rate applicable to your Fly Buys Visa credit card.

What if I have a number of outstanding card balances with other banks or finance companies - can I make multiple balance transfers?

Yes, you can make more than one balance transfer to a Fly Buys Visa from other banks' or finance companies' cards, as long as your Fly Buys Visa remains within 95% of your credit limit after all balance transfers have been made.

Can I transfer any amount?

The minimum transfer amount is $500. The maximum amount you can transfer needs to be within 95% of your Fly Buys Visa credit limit after the balance has been transferred. You can choose to transfer either the full amount of the outstanding balance you have with another bank or finance company, or part of the outstanding balance amount.

Card details

As well as giving you the freedom to collect Fly Buys Points when
and where you want to shop, your Fly Buys Visa offers up to 55 days interest-free on purchases, a low account fee and a competitive interest rate.

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VISA card summary

Collect 1 Fly Buys Point per spend of* $50
Account fee** charged half yearly $15
Purchase interest rate 20.95%
Cash Advance Interest Rate 22.95%

* Fly Buys Visa and Fly Buys Membership terms and conditions apply. Collect 1 point per $50 spent on purchases. Fly Buys collection rates are subject to change.

Fly Buys Points will not be collected on cash advances (including certain bill payments) and balance transfers.

** Plus $4.95 charged half yearly for an additional card/joint account.


Verified by Visa.

You’ll enjoy added security on your Fly Buys Visa.

Chipped for extra peace of mind.

Your Fly Buys Visa includes new microchip technology for additional safety.

Fly Buys Visa security.

Your Fly Buys Visa has a range of security features to keep you and your money safe.

Increasing your credit limit.

If you want to apply for an increase in your credit limit you can call us on 0800 653 433.


Foreign Currency Service fee1 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of every Foreign Currency Transaction (as defined in the relevant credit card terms and conditions). BNZ does not charge a foreign currency service fee on purchase reversals (which does not include purchase refunds (on which BNZ charges a foreign currency service fee)), ATM reversals and chargebacks, and credits a foreign currency service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the New Zealand dollar value of the reversal or chargeback.
Late Payment fee $15.00
Over limit fee $20 per statement (on each statement until the account is back within its limit)
Replacement card2 $10.00
Statement copy $5.00
Voucher copy $25.00
Cash Advance3 - via NZ BNZ ATM, Telephone Banking or Internet Banking $1.00
Cash Advance3 - via NZ Non-BNZ ATM $2.00
Cash Advance3 - Teller Assisted $5.00
Cash Advance3 - All Overseas Transactions $7.50

1. The converted amount of your Foreign Currency Transaction and the foreign currency service fee (where applicable) are aggregated in the New Zealand dollar amount and in the rate of exchange shown on your statement for each Foreign Currency Transaction.

2. A Card Dispatch fee may be charged if applicable.

3. Debit Interest is charged on all Cash Advances from date of the transaction. For cash advances in foreign currencies, a Foreign Currency Service Fee will also apply.

Balance Transfer

You may be able to easily transfer the balance from your existing non-BNZ credit card, or selected store and finance companies cards, to your Fly Buys Visa credit card.

There are no fees to transfer your balance, and with a rate for the first 12 months of 4.99% p.a. on the balance transferred, we’re sure you’ll want to take advantage of it!*

Transfer your outstanding balance to a Fly Buys Visa – download the application form that you can then mail in.

Note: you need to have a Fly Buys visa credit card before you can apply for a balance transfer

*There are no Fly Buys points or interest free days on balance transfers. Balance transfers are subject to approval and terms and conditions. Only balances from: non-BNZ New Zealand issued Visa, American Express or MasterCard; as well as Diners Club, GE Creditline Cards, The Warehouse Financial Services Credit and Store Cards, Fisher & Paykel Finance issued Q cards and Farmers cards can be transferred. After twelve months, any balance transfer amount still unpaid will revert to the standard annual purchase interest rate.

Want to know more?

For all Fly Buys Visa enquiries call:

0800 653 433

For all Fly Buys enquiries call:

0800 FLY BUYS (0800 359 2897)

Or visit us at:

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